We are very proud of a number of things in our business but most importantly we are so proud of how we look after our clients, ensure that they get the very best service and that they are happy with the results that they get. There’s a number of things that contribute to that end result but we believe it all starts at the very beginning of any relationship. We are committed to being better, to providing better service than others and ensuring we provide a better result each and every time. 

Our commitment to our clients means that we will continue to be trustworthy, we will continue to provide award winning quality service, we will ensure our auctioneers continue to be award-winning talents, that our community continues to be supported to the best of our ability, that we work hard with on-going training for our agents so they are kept on top of all real estate legislation and changes to the way real estate is done all to ensure that you, our clients, get the best results possible. We believe that ‘Better Never Stops’ for us or our client.


When it comes to trust, Harcourts has been voted the Readers Digest Most Trusted Real Estate Brand in NZ for the last six years so that’s something you might consider when making a decision that best suits you.


When it comes to service, Harcourts has been awarded the Readers Digest Quality Service Award for the second year in a row so that’s a good indication of what you’ll get from us.


Our successful team of auctioneers have won NZ and Australasian Auctioneer of the Year competitions more times than most and have the highest success rates on the North Shore so they’re ready to hammer home the best results for you.


With a designated Community Relationship Team that has supported over 1600 events and sponsorships in the last 7 years helping raise over $4million we believe that there is nothing better than supporting our clients and the community we live and work in.


With an award winning real estate training programme, The Academy, and regular training courses we don’t settle for the minimum training hours required by law but work hard on training, systems and protocols so our clients can benefit from our knowledge.


Success is contagious so every time we get a great result so do our clients and that’s why we strive to be better – so that our clients can be better for it.

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